Staircases & Balustrades

A structural glass staircase can be a stunning aesthetic feature, whether created to impress or to flood a confined space with light.

We have extensive experience in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of glass staircases and balustrades. These can be fully cantilevered, partly cantilevered or simply supported. This depends on the aesthetic effect the designer is aiming for and the technical limits of the specific location. Fully cantilevered staircases appear to hang from one side only, but the trade-off is that the glass stair treads need to be very strong and thick in order to support the imposed loads. Semi-cantilevered staircases allow the designer to incorporate thinner glass treads.

Balustrades can be created in impressive, oversized sections and may be manufactured as either toughened monolithic or multi-ply toughened laminated glass. We can also design and manufacture handrails and other associated ironmongery.

We provide a range of slip-resistant finshed such as sandblasting and raised dot matrix patterns. We are also able to laminate a range of special-effect films into the glass panels.